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Nordic N-ERGY is a full service Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) and Balance of Plant (BOP) contractor serving the utility scale solar photo voltaic market. Our corporate office is located in Mumbai and Munich, TN with staff located throughout the India and Europe available to support project needs. Our management team has installed over 10’000 Megawatts (MW) of solar PV throughout the Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America we leverage our experience and expertise to provide high quality construction services to our clients. We provide the majority of our construction services through a self-performance mechanism which allows us to outperform our competitors in terms of quality, schedule and value. We are a company that is built around the concept that maximizing customer value is paramount and the lasting relationships that we build with our clients allows us to mold our services around the needs of our customers.

Our focus

We are focusing on a long-lasting partnership with our customer and investors and not on short-term financial interests, because in the end YOUR solar installation should function reliably and efficiently for over 20 years. We focus on generating environment friendly solar energy and want to make it possible for YOU. We focus on realizing high-quality, long-lasting and yield-optimized open space solar parks and roof-top installations. We are committed to the development of the latest technology. We focus on pioneering change of energy generation to environmental power.

Our strenght

Through our long-term experience with various projects and our own solar parks we are able to offer highly-efficient, customized solar installations to our customers and increase their profits. Nordic N-ERGY is privately-owned and therefore faces less bureaucracy. Decisions are made pragmatically and implemented in a timely manner. Close interaction with our customers allow us to react quickly and without bureaucracy.

Management Team

Our core management team brings together an impressive arsenal of skills that is geared specifically to renewable energy construction and we have a renewable energy experience portfolio that rivals that of most contractors in the market. With experience in Solar, Civil and Electrical Construction we are certain to be able to fulfill the distinct needs or our clients.

Meet Our Team

Sadguru Prakash Tiwari
Sadguru Prakash TiwariDirector

Master degree as civil engineer, India
10+ years in civil engineering sector;
20+ years managing director in private sector;

Rajesh Sukla
Rajesh SuklaDirector

Master degree in management, India;
20+ years in Real Estate developing
10+ years in movie production;

Raghvendra Pratap Tripathi
Raghvendra Pratap TripathiGeneral manager

Master degree in business management, Europe;
Master degree in electrical management, India;
20+ years work experience in government power distribution sector;
10+ years work experience in renewable power / Power Sector/Real estate Industry;

Juris Pitkevics
Juris PitkevicsDirector

Master degree in business management, Europe;
Master degree as civil engineer, Europe;
Master degree as programming engineer, Europe;
20+ years in civil construction sector;

Aivis Velkers
Aivis VelkersDirector

Master degree as electrical engineer, Europe;
10+ years manager in civil construction sector;
10+ manager in renewable power sector;
Founder of one of leading Solar EPC companies in Europe;

Ronalds Krumins
Ronalds KruminsProject Manager

Master degree as electrical engineer, Europe;
10+ years manager in government power distribution sector;
5+ manager in renewable power sector;